While some guys have a lot of reservations regarding private webcam shows, if you have found yourself compelled enough by the beauty of the performer or her electricity to whip out your wallet and take out your credit card for a private show, listen up. You have to understand that a lot of guys develop an entitlement mindset the moment they choose to pay money for adult entertainment. In a way I can understand where they’re coming from.

As you probably already know, online porno, and in many cases, online webcam sex shows are completely free now. Long gone are the days where you have to just deal with very short video snippets and if you want something more you have to whip out credit card to pay for a month to month membership. Those days are long gone. Now you can have complete shows and not have to pay one single red cent. As a result people who do end up paying have all these inflated expectations regarding the quality of the performance as well as the level of interaction that they would have with the model. Sadly most of them are greatly disappointed. Sadly most of them end up with an experience that they didn’t bargain for.

The reason why this is the case is because they end up disrespecting the model. You have to remember that you are still dealing with a flesh and blood human being. You’re still dealing with somebody who has feelings. You’re dealing with somebody who has dreams, hopes and aspirations. In other words, you’re dealing with somebody like you.

If you want to have a good time make sure that you exercise basic etiquette. Number one, respect her. Number two, treat her like you would treat yourself. Number three, understand that the experience is scary for both of you so be facilitating, be mindful and be thoughtful.

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